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“I engaged Jim’s services to help fill in some remaining gaps on my family tree.  By definition they were ‘hard core’, gaps that I had been trying to fill myself for a few years.  Jim was able to provide answers to a couple of these, and confirm my ‘dead end’ for the others (which is still useful). With one in particular, he realised quickly that success would be very unlikely, so he made the right judgement call not to spend any more time on it without first consulting with me (thus saving me some money).

I was happy with the services provided by Jim.  He operated within the brief that I have him, and his research was thorough. I personally think that his fee of $30 is more than fair, given the specialised nature of the services he is providing.  It certainly seems consistent with what others are charging.

I was also happy with Jim’s timeframes.  Sometimes they drifted a little bit, but he always kept me informed on where he was at.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to others looking for help with their family research.”

Regards, Mike Avery

  1. The service was good, emails are friendly and to the point.
  2. Cost was OK, I always have to pay extra with the NZ exchange rate, but not by much.
  3. Very good research, I had a look at ordering Certs from Tasmania and it was a lot more difficult than the other states in Australia.
  4. The time was good, I was in no hurry for the research but it came thru in a reasonable time.
  5. Overall very good experience, friendly emails and thorough research, it’s very interesting part of history.
Many Thanks, Jonathan Manderson

“As an amateur historian specialising in the life of ‘Doc Holliday’ I have always found Jim’s research into genealogy having areas of expertise which without him I would never have discovered.
My assessment of the costs which I provided to him prior to individual searches were always less than my budget, as well as some of the information supplied ‘gratis’.
Jim’s suggestions and promptness in replies to my questions were sometimes delivered within twenty four hours, I would suggest that if you have a research problem an enquiry to Jim could be most rewarding as I have found.
An old blues song seems to fit the subject,”If you want a cool drink of water, you better dig a little deeper in the well”.”

Kind Regards, John

“I am the author of 8 Tasmanian histories and Jim Duggan did some research for me recently as I found it difficult to get into the library.
I found Jim was very thorough in his research with complete details typed and source given.
As ‘Time’ was of essence for me, I found he was prompt and reliable.
Knowing how involved research can be I was more than satisfied with his time and the cost.”

Pauline Buckby

“Jim Duggan of Ancestral Research Services of Tasmania has done family research for me in the past.
His service was thorough and efficient and he seemed to have his finger ‘on the pulse’ where historical records are concerned. His knowledge of processes was extensive. He answered all my questions.
Jim did all that I asked and even found further details, that while not asked for, completed a family history for me and I was grateful to obtain.
All this was done in good time and sent to me via email with all relevant documents attached. So it was easy to save these to file for further reference by our family.
The cost of this service was very reasonable. i was pleasantly surprised.
I would certainly recommend Jim’s services to anyone and am interested to see that he can compile information in book form, something I will be looking at.”

Shelagh Bragg
Te Puke, New Zealand

“Just a short note to thank you for the effort and resultant thoroughness that you put into developing the family trees for Lorraine and me.
We really enjoyed our conversations with you – this made us feel part of the process and brought the information to life.
We were pleased that we did the work when we did as it enabled us to capture information from elderly relatives who have now passed away.
You fees for this work were very reasonable and we will always consider them an excellent investment.”

Howard Smith

“Jim… just a quick note to say thank you for what you did and I am completely happy with everything you have done for me and I am going to contact you again shortly hoping you can help me with more family history…
Thank you once again.”

Regards, David Riley

“By chance I found Jim Duggan on a genealogy site. He was tracing my mother’s family KERR from Scotland. I recognised some of the people that he had mentioned.
I contacted Jim to make sure he was ridgy-dig. He was a fare-dinkum all right. So we began our conversations of what we knew and what he had. Once he was onto it he checked the information with the appropriate registries then he put all the information together.
Jim also worked with other cousins of mine. I probably met some as a wee child, as we were in the same area and I knew some of their grandparents. And they added their information. Big families who travelled the world often lost touch. The photos were the clincher. We recognized photos at home with other members of the clans photos… It was great fun. Jim was so understanding and he helped expand our tree as far back as possible. He made us feel part of the search too which was nice.
I went to Stranraer last year because of this information Stranraer. Walked in the streets where my great great great grandparents would have walked. I went to the church where they were married. it was fantastic.
But better still I am now in touch with cousins who also added to the tree. it was fantastic. We have now visited each other and become friends etc.
Jim was so understanding asking many appropriate questions. gathering Many stories that the ole folk told us when they reminisced about ole times were added My mother was still alive and passed away while this book was being printed. We were so lucky to have her memories to expand on with others… Some things we didn’t have, he researched. It is so good to find where your routes are from.
Jim is very reasonable and I think he just enjoys the interest. . Many Scots left Stranraer during the Potato famine when the Irish came over and worked for cheaper rates. The Scott being a Scott was up and out of there to find greener pastures in far distant lands.
Now my family have an heirloom which they can treasure. I am so proud of this and can’t thank Jim enough for the hours and effort he put into this huge exercise.
Jim’s service was beyond reproach. Cost minimal His search was wide through many countries I can’t remember how long it took it was so interesting time was of no consequence to us. Jim allowed members of the family to be involved too. His charges were unbelievably reasonable. I doubt that Jim covered his costs. The more time he took the more he found out. I don’t know how he makes any money but I think he does it for the interest and the fee seemed to be to cover costs of information. I’m not certain he would have done this.
Since then I have given copies to family for Christmas. What is a better gift for a young family starting up life? The next generation. Their heritage…
Jim we all thank you
Do not hesitate to use Jim. I have never met him but I feel as though I know him through his passion, ‘Ancestry’s.
Thank you so much JIM.”

Susie Weston

“I was very happy with your services and your prices are very affordable,
All the information you had found out and the details you put together in the binding booklet was fantastic.
You were very informative with all the information and responded to all our enquiries efficiently, I would recommend your services in the future to anyone requiring assistance with their family tree.
Thank you for your great work.”

Regards, Simon Hutchings

“Jim was an absolute delight to work with! He is both warm and professional and he reached out promptly to me and kept in constant contact throughout, which was especially important to me as it was a remote consultation. I was fully updated throughout the entire process and he even found out some interesting tid bits and reunited me with a family member I didn’t even know I had! My report was very well presented, with lots of historical data and photos that both my family and I enjoyed looking through. I am immensely grateful to Jim for helping to bridge the gap between my ancestors and take me back to my roots. He comes highly recommended without hesitation.”

Melanie L

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