Charges & Payment


1 Family History Compilation $40/hr (AUD)
2 Simple Family History Searches $40/hr (AUD)
3 Family History Report
(Depending on size of project), soft or hard cover
Deposit: A$150
4 Comprehensive Family History Book
(up to 1-1.5 years to compile, depending on size of family) Hard Cover, leather bound
Deposit: A$300

Payment Methods

  1. Cheque (payable to Ancestral Research Services of Tasmania)
  2. Paypal (contact Ancestral Research Services of Tasmania)
  3. Direct Debit (contact Ancestral Research Services of Tasmania)

Payment Details

Family History Books and Reports will be invoiced, monthly or quarterly or when AUD $150 has been exhausted.

Family History Reports and Books will take a period of time to complete, depending on the amount of information. The book will contain colour images of the towns, places, people, while the Report is primarily text. Information would include specific dates of birth, marriage and death where obtainable; military history, occupations, residence, cause of death, pertinent history of the family and person, where relevant. The reports/books will be edited several times, but the compiler (ARST) takes no responsibility for incorrect spellings and omitted information, if provided by the client. I will double check and provide references where at all possible for all information included in the reports/books.

Any photos submitted to myself would be scanned in to a book as well. Examples will be on a separate page.

Costs for items (1) and (2) do not include purchase of documents, photocopying and postage. Costs for (3) and (4) for binding, printing, shipping/postage will be dependent on the size and weight of the publication. All costs will also include currency exchange conversion rates if outside Australia.

Download Charges and Payment Sheet